Ropey Rick & Friends

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Ropey Rick and Friends is an introduction to four... characters. They are by no means superheroes, but as friends, they certainly have adventures of sorts. Now, as far as storyline goes, there isn't too much of one, but you'll meet Ropey Rick, Drool Boy, Bandit Boy, and Fly Boy. Creative names, no?
Regardless, enjoy the animation!

This is my first submission on this account, but I have some submissions on another, older account, "blackcat2000".


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Oddly Captivating

As I sat watching this I found myself being strangely drawn into it. Now I can identify the flaws involved, and we'll get to that later, however, despite all the other distractions happening around me, my attention never strayed. So, from the off, you've already ticked the box for maintaining your audience's interest!

The story itself was unique to say the least. It's a simple idea with humour sprawled across it, and manages to remain entertaining. I've never seen characters quite like these, or at least not all together. I wouldn't say they're the deepest characters in the world, however, there's plenty of room for development in future works, and each is unique and appealing.

A few things to improve upon:
I felt like it could have had more detail. Some of the backgrounds were a little plain, which isn't a major problem for what it is, but it just would have been nice to see a little more detail in them.
The animation itself was okay, but could have been more finely tuned, if that makes sense. Just little changes could have helped it all to flow a little more smoothly.
The voice acting didn't quite cut it for me. Maybe that's down to personal preference, but it's something you might want to think about.

Now, the sound itself was okay. The various effects were good quality, no spikes in the audio etc. I have one or two gripes involving some of the dialogue, just because I felt it could have been slightly louder, but again, these are all just minor faults that don't really take away from the whole too much.

All in all, I give a solid seven. A good entry, very entertaining, but just a little rough around the edges.
I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more!

*Review Request Club*

GristlyBear responds:

As a test of sorts, I agree it was kind of rough. The "focus" (if I had to name one) was the frame by frame animation that happened every now and then. Hopefully I'll be able to focus on the other aspects on future submissions.

Thanks for the review!

Cool Beans!

This submission was well... different :p
Although this flash didn't have the smoothest transitions or the best animation; I could see this series being quite appealing :).

The voice acting was very entertaining, the characters are semi-interesting, and the dialog was pretty good. I really enjoyed how different the characters personalities were; big big plus :)

Some things could have used some work here though...
The animation was decent enough to give a pretty clear picture of what was supposed to be happening, but like I mentioned before... this piece didn't have the smoothest transitions, I would definitely put more work into that. I also would have liked to see more into this world that you've created beyond this one house with nothing around it. Do they all live in this one house? things to think about maybe?

Just friendly suggestions though :)

Great Effort!
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

GristlyBear responds:

Yup, I'm kind of getting the hang of transitions and animation, and I hope to introduce more and more of the characters and their world. I don't know when I'll get around to that, but I sure hope I will :P

Thanks for the review!


Not much storyline in this one, more like a short introduction of the (main?) characters of what could turn into a series.

The graphics are pretty good. I mean they are not spectacular, but they are nice to look at, and that's what counts, right?

The voice acting is decent, but could be a lot better, I guess. Especially bandit boy is quite hard to understand. Ok, he has a rag in front of his face, but maybe the voice could be a bit less muffled.

Animations are very fluent, even though there isn't that much going on in this introductionary flash. By the way, the bonus animations in the credits where hilarious.

Overall I think this flash is very entertaining and I hope to see more from those characters in the future!

{ Review Request Club }

GristlyBear responds:

I had an initial storyboard to introduce Ropey Rick, but it was really boring. Fortunately (and kind of unfortunately) I put together a better (relatively) storyboard, but it didn't really include Ropey Rick as much. I'm glad you enjoyed the little loops, the first 2 were from me practicing tracing pictures of doodles I did earlier this year.

Thanks for the review!

So it's an preview/intro

For an introduction, it's pretty great. Not much authors spend so much time on an introduction video. Though for a real flash, it's a bit too short. It would be funny to see what they did to his house a bit more, because all I saw was bandit boy falling through the ceiling of the house and fly boy crashing in the kitchen, but I don't think that's what made the house crash completely.

I liked the characters, they all had their own personality and their funny things. Compliments on the voice acting too. But you could make the voice of bandit boy a bit clearer sometimes. Maybe it's because english is my second language, but I can't hear what he said right after drool boy said: ''Do you think he's mad at us 'cause what we did to his house?''
You don't need to change that though, because maybe it's just bandit boy's charm.

GristlyBear responds:

It is indeed a preview! I had been doodling them all a bit (particularly Ropey Rick) so this was really me trying to transfer these guys from paper to animation. Bandit Boy simply said "yup". If he's hard to understand, it's cuz he has a cloth covering his mouth, sorry!

Thanks for the review :P

Nice introduction

Kind of short but it still comes off as a nice introduction to the little series anyways as well. Would be cool if there were two shorts here but whatever floats your boat and it seems to have mixed humor so there is something for almost anyone to enjoy as well I think. The humor and all else draws you away from the fact that this is a short piece though which is good.

The artistic and animating style was nicely done and seemed to remain simple so that things could be done a bit quicker I guess. The simplistic look of the characters is also nice I think. The house and backgrounds were nicely done I think and looking good.

The voice acting was pleasing and fun to listen to as well. They are all just you but still pretty nice anyways. The song being played is also nice as well.

Overall, interesting start to a little series.

Review Request Club

GristlyBear responds:

Thanks! In a big way, this animation was an experiment in frame by frame animation for me, and luckily for me, the story eventually came together somewhat nicely. Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the review!

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3.97 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2011
1:19 AM EDT
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