Sean and Such Ep. 8

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Episode eight of Sean and Such. Joe spends the afternoon ignoring his work and an annoying group of customers. But when the stores wise and helpful janitor, Keith, comes in he brings Joe's attention to an attractive female consumer.


First video with a play button I see. Movin' on up lol I really love Joe's character and his rude behaviour and wise crack jokes. Another funny installment of Sean and Such. I'd like to dedicate a quote from this episode to that pessimistic, Godzilla fearing, she-devil below... "GO FUCK YOURSELF!!" lol

That was just more of the same really. The flash is still suffering from the same problems that have been present since episode one. You fixed it up for episode six, but since then it's taken a step back to the same old flash with the same old problems. The reason the sixth was so much better was because you had a plot and it felt like the movie was going places. Here, there was no plot. Just a very long, drawn out joke of how Joe can't be bothered to work, but the moment an attractive girl comes in to the picture he's right on it.

I was pleased to see that you'd finally included both a preloader and a play button, but I still think it could have done with a replay button at the end due to this being a standard inclusion. As ever, the pillars look out of place in the intro and an apostrophe is missing from the title.

I quite like the defocused backgrounds in this one, it added a little depth to the image, but I think that you should be doing more by using diagonals and giving the items in the background depth rather than having all the shots straight on.

The lip-syncing seemed to take a step back in this one. It was quite noticeably out of sync on a few occasions. While Joe was talking with a cigarette in his mouth you couldn't see his mouth. This just seemed like an incredibly lazy way of not having to bother with lip-syncing. It didn't look at all good, it just looked out. Could you not have drawn his mouth and had him speaking out of one corner with the cigarette in the other? I think that it would have looked a lot better this way.

I liked the inclusion of multiple customers. Not only was it nice to see more than a few different people in one episode for once, but the store has been pretty empty so far throughout this series. However, there were a couple of audio problems regarding a couple of their voices. The fat woman spoke far too quietly and it was difficult to work out what she was saying. The problem was the opposite with the attractive girl inside the store. I realise that her and Joe needed to shout in order to hear each other over the dog, but you seemed to crank the volume of her voice up too high and there was a slight ringing, vibrating sound from my speakers a couple of times when she was speaking.

Still the animation was incredibly poor. Hands just jumped from one position to the next, missing the crucial animation in between to seamlessly get them from point A to point B. Jumpy animation is not good. The dog needed to be animated more as well. You only animated its mouth when it was barking and this looked completely unnatural. I felt that it needed to be moving more in order to look natural. Some simple head movements may have sufficed.

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lulz not bad, but the chick voice actor, was she like twelve or some shit, i mean the accent disguised it abit but she sounded pretty damn young.


love it


<3 it

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Aug 22, 2011
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