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Derek the Bear

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Gather round children let me tell you a tale...


I haven't made an animation in a long time and I wanted to rectify that. So I made this quick little cartoon to get me back into the swing of things. Hope you enjoy!

Also available in YOUTUBE-O-VISION: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=XTIjBrdscS8

Edit: Thank you for the daily second! That is super awesome!

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Good animation, but the voice was a little low, and the bear growl towards the end was a little loud, but good overall.

awesome idea, and animation great job, remembered me the last i time i killed a girl with a harpoon.. ah good times.. (PD: im not a bear) :P

Heh, interesting

I saw that ending coming ^_^

The voice lines are a little low.
Very beautifully done, and the story progresses nicely.
It was interesting, nice going.

Wait a minute!

My name is Derek.....And I know a girl named Denise.....She's pretty hot too.....Does this mean I'm gonna turn into a bear and shoot her with a harpoon gun?D:! On a seperate note, nice flash, animation was strategically sound, audiop was nice, and I gotta give a 10 for the picture....Some saw that he once made the most intesting man in the world, cry with shame, and that he lost in a staring contest to a statue, all we know is he's called the stig.


Just hit me from out of nowhere dude.... And I want to see Allan the black mamba too :D