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My First Full Body Anim

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I had told my friend that Elmo from Sesame Street could probably hand my ass to me on a silver platter, so she told me to make an animation of it..... I realized after a few hours that my skills in flash were nowhere near up to par with my vision of how shit would go down between me an' Elmo, so I gave up, and made a loop of me walking. So... this isn't stolen.... ummm tell me what you guys think of it as my first full-body anim! I'd enjoy any kind of criticism (Just don't be too harsh plz!) thank you for watching, and/or commenting.



very nice but i think you should upload this to dumpgrounds

Okay, I guess

The animation was fluid, and don't misunderstand me, but I didn't like this thing very much. Why? Because parts of the person weren't drawn very well, or they weren't given much attention to. I'll start with the head.

The head was rather badly drawn, with it moving only once in a while; it's staring in one direction constantly, and suddenly, there's a jerky movement to the left. That might be due to the fact that it's restarting, but if you're aiming for a loop, it should transition smoothly from the beginning to the end, and the end frame should be the same as the start if it is to be convincing.

Then, the hands and the pockets. The hands don't look like they're in the pockets, and I've come to the conclusion that he's putting his hands in his pockets only because he's holding them in that position. If his hands were in another position, I very much doubt I'd think there were any pockets at all! The hands were stuck in the said pockets, and they didn't move at all -- they may move a little during normal human movement, and if they were in the pockets, they'd be a little too close to the camera, I mean, pockets are supposed to be near the side of the pants, right? These are absurdly near the front, and the top
part of the pocket looks a bit like the folded up hand.

Then, on to the legs! These are the main part of the animation in this case, and you pulled it off really well. I doubt I'd be able to animate this -- it does look drawn and animated really nice indeed. However, the legs become bigger than the rest of the body in some parts of the movie. I realise that the legs are becoming bigger because they're near said camera, but they're a little too big. Look at the knees of the left side of the person, and compare that with the right. They're smaller. That's not allowed, because technically the left leg is the same distance away from the camera as the right leg.

However, I doubt that I could do better than this, and I'm no animation expert, just giving my 2 cents. This, overall, does look very nice indeed! It's not bad at all for a first full-body animation!

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Fluid animation
2) Nicely drawn art
3) Not bad for a first full-body animation

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Transition from beginning to end is not smooth
2) Hands don't look like they're in the presumed pockets
3) Arms are comparatively stiff compared to the rest of the animation
4) Legs are relatively bigger than the rest of the body, regardless of perspective

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GZento responds:

I fully understand your opinion, and I think its a good one, thank you for giving such great criticism! :)

Pretty cool

I am far from an animation expert (having absolutely no experience at all) but this isn't that bad for a first.

I'm not sure if his hands are in his pockets or not, but if they aren't, try moving them a little. Even if they were in his pockets you would still see some sort of movement from them.

The feet as well, they might be a little too big when he moves them forward. It seems as if his feet are just growing and shrinking rapidly and disproportionately compared to the rest of the body rather than moving towards the camera and back. But I can still tell he's walking. xD

Still, much much more than I could make. Kudos! lol

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GZento responds:

Thank you! I enjoy your criticism!

Its very fluid!

Great animation! Got what it takes to make a short? :P

GZento responds:

Eh, maybe, what of specifically?


It's okay as animation of a dude walking, but I can't help but feel like deviantart is a better place for this sort of thing. Come back when you have a full cartoon.

GZento responds:

I posted in "experimental" so, I thought it was ok

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1.28 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2011
12:17 AM EDT