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Megaman X vs Zombies

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This is my first full-length sprite animation that I uploaded to Newgrounds! It is my crossover of Plants vs Zombies and Megaman X4, two of my favorite video games.

I've searched for Plants vs Zombies flashes but didn't find too many, so I thought I'd make one.

This is planned to be a series, although how many episodes depends...

Constructive criticism would be nice, as long as it's not too harsh.


edit 12/18/18: link to Megaman X vs Zombies II: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/587524

edit 12/13/18: link to Megaman X vs Zombies remastered: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/708062

edit 12/18/18: Made MP4 version of the episode, enjoy!

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HEy fraud. There are no snails or zombies in mega man . and why would the zombies every attack mega man . mega man is a robot not lore accurate

good animaition but to short

NanoSoft responds:

Thanks for your constructive criticism and opinion re: this submission, I appreciate it!

This is really good. But it's better if you make it longer.
I must admit that this is the first time i'm seeing a plants vs zombies crossover with another game character.

Can you tell me the name of the third song, when the zombie's picture appears on the comp?

NanoSoft responds:

Its the stage select music from Megaman X6. Thanks for the review!

too short.the music near the end had some fuzziness. plus you should use a different text. otherwise i see potential in this show.(ps blxvy is stupid for not noticing that the word movie is under the title, not game) (pss i love the quote from legend of zelda cdi:))

NanoSoft responds:

Thanks for your opinion/opinions, constructive criticisms, encouragement to continue on w/ this series, and calling out blxvy :P

You Will be Amazing
The more Flashes you make the better you will become and i cant wait.
In time you will get alot better
And This, was good but The audio on some parts sound weird. It sounded alittle slow Compaired to the games.. And way good work!

NanoSoft responds:

Thanks for you believing in me, and your constructive criticism, and general positive opinions re: this submission! Appreciate it :D