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Clockbustaz II

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Da clockbustaz return

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A Sequel that More than Delivers

I could just stick to the technical merits of the flash: the quality of the art, the animation skills depicted, the sound quality, etc. But it's easy to see that the skills on display here are more than competent.

What really bears discussing is the plot and content of the flash. It' i extremely difficult to make a sequel that tops the original. All of the stars, if they can be brought back, demand more money. The producers will want to stick with what worked in the original, pushing the script towards remake instead of sequel (The Hangover II anyone?) And in a special-effects driven production like this one, there is a fine line between topping the first film, and relying so heavily on the effects that the story and characters suffer (Men in Black II or any Star Wars prequel, anyone?) What it comes down to with sequels is this: a battle between growing the story and the characters and making a fast buck off something the audience will find reliable, familiar and safe.

Thankfully, Clockbustaz II is in the former camp. God, Pop, Blob, and BB, the characters we all came to know and love from the first film, are here for another go. Instead of just placing them into familiar situations, Pop-Tart gives them a room to grow with a fresh new story that takes an unexpected approach. The characters have room to grow and expand, exhibiting a depth of personality that could easily be glossed over in favor of sticking with the tried and true formula and catch phrases. The selflessness of the fine actors who play these roles cannot be overlooked. All could easily have demanded a big raise to appear in this flash, but they did not, giving the director the resources to enhance the special effects to jaw-dropping heights. The plot is rather complicated, and to avoid spoilers it is enough to say it will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the jokes will keep you in stiches, with a tension-filled and dramatic cliffhanger at the end that will have everyone in the audience eager for Ghostbustaz III before the film even ends.

Let us all hope that Ghostbsutaz III does not languish in development Hell, only to appear as a second-rate video game fifteen years too late. Instead, let us hope that the director puts the time and care into the next installment that will make these beloved character a part of our lives, a part of our folklore, a part of our very essence of being.

Pop-Tart responds:

The greatest review I've ever seen

never get tired of this!

...this is one of the best, if not cool-beat loop-flashes you can see in your cool-portal.
though, no matter how cool, the loop is TOO large, and perhaps could tire/anger spectators. i know, i KNOW, that's the secret, but, i think what wouldd B cool, would be:
if you made this REALLY into a cartoon. a REAL one.
i just keep thinking how cool it could be... g-clock, the bold, daring/but hasty dude, and leader of the bunch.
pop-tart, the always-angry-mechanic, and brains of the group.(lol, love how he looks ALWYS angry on these flashes.)
bb10, the young, heroic, but goofy, trigger-happy, guy who tries to cheer the CLOCKBUSTA'S up. likes sword-fighting, in his part-time, with ghost of knight-clock, or sir edwart the 3rd.
blob, clock, a good, friend, and a trusty fellow, would do anything to save his friends. even bungee-jumping.

so, this series, has it all, clocks, weapons, gun-ray's, ghosts, girls(i hope so), and cheesy cars.
COME, on, man.. let's do thisss! 55

Pop-Tart responds:

Did you really give me an 8?? You ungrateful dink. You are out of Clockbustaz 3. You will be replaced by Pinclock.

I'm an idiot

I really fell dumb to be waiting 2-3 mins for it to end..
Also "Purple-Brontosaurus" doesn't seem to get the idea of the Clocks..

Pop-Tart responds:


Funny, I guess, but... not really.

A) Did you use Microsoft Sam for your voices on the clocks?
B) Why did you use a Ghostbusters remix? Or... better yet, why did you use a Ghostbusters remix that had nothing to do with clocks?
C) Why did you use the entirety of the song? It got really boring after awhile, but I waited for the ending.

Pop-Tart responds:

Hi. Thanks for watching.

Pretty Fly... um, Cockroach

I can't give a 10 because of a major plot hole. The CBz went to the 18th floor, not the 12th floor. If it weren't for that detail, this would be the best non-clock day clock flash of the day. Come to think of it, it's still the best non-clock day clock flash of the day. Let us know if GodClock recovers from the headache he gets at the end.

It's got a good beat and AbsintheClock can dance to it. I give it a 9.

Pop-Tart responds:

Maybe the cockroach took the stairs up to the 18th floor

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4.36 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2011
2:50 PM EDT