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I hope you like it. It's a cool game if you give it a chance, or at least, I think so. :D
As a note, there are a couple of parts where you have to click while walking through the maze. I figured that might confuse people a bit, but I think of it as a puzzle.
The graphics and gameplay are not stunning, but I'm not that proficient in Flash, and I'm working on my own here.

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Very good

Its not the best game but its obviusly a good concept.
Even if you dont have that good art, at least the game works fine.
Very fun. 5/5 9/10

Cute and simple, but boring and repetitive

I love maze games with trivia as much as the next person, but this one just really seemed lack luster. It's a good start for a newbie, but if you're going to include trivia of any kind, ask questions that people are actually going to know or have a good chance at actually making educated guesses.

A LOT of the questions you asked are rather obscure topics. Questions like the location of a FIFA tournament or who won the Stanley Cup, which late night entertainer is on what station? Not everyone watches/cares about that. If you want to do current events/entertainment/geography questions, that's fine, but please make it on something that at least make headlines, or that a majority of the population would be able to guess.

Plus the fact that the questions nor their corresponding answers cycled just made the final part a tedious game of memory than a challenging final.

All in all, it was an okay maze game, but you need to choose a target audience and stick with developing the trivia questions accordingly.

Excellent game

Although this game is made with simple AS it is a lot of fun! There is a trivial problem in this game: I think everything action should be triggered with hitTests. This makes the game easier to play.

Screw these haters, i like it.

Game was good, a little bit simple but hey, that doesn't matter if it's fun. I beat the whole game, it's a 5/5 in my book.


Graphics are kind of okay, but playing field isn't flush with the obstacles - I kept running into walls that weren't there. Also, get original music and sound effects, ripping them off from Mario games is not only lame but illegal. Brush this up a bit, clean up the graphics and streamline the play a bit and it will be alright. Just seems rather rushed and unfinished at the moment. And seriously get your own music.

Neiaku responds:

I made this game quite an while ago, and since then I have stopped using these sound effects.