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Pokemon, the game that took the world by storm and along with it, brought countless parodies. Ranter get's a new Pokeball and feels like trying it out. Naturally, that would be great. However, cgl-team decided that we weren't going to make it THAT easy. Still, it was a new attempt and I hope you enjoy. Please rate and comment to let me know what you think, Alright?

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how was this made?

as a Flash animator I don't under stand how a video that looks like it was made in paint can be made in flash... I under stand all the personal trials it takes to become a flash animator but let me give you some tips
First you need to have a preloaded
second your flash looks more like a slide show then a cartoon and a bit more of animation
third and most important if a reviewer has never made a SIngle flash their opinion is both useless and a waist of time

crazyguylink responds:

If you could message me about adding a preloader, I'd appreciate it. As for how it was made, I used stills to make the video, put it together in video editing software and then converted the WMV into SWF format. I got new software to make more legitimate flash projects, but like I said, no idea about adding preloaders, so all flash is on hold.

Not entirely terrible

I really think the first reviewer was being way too hard on you. This isn't really THAT bad. I've seen way worse survive on NG, so yes, this does have a place here. Yes, it does look like it was made with Paint, and the art quality is low, but it has its own charm, in a way. The only complaint I have with the art is that it's too blurry. You might be able to sharpen that up somehow.

The audio was good, it didn't have any volume imbalances like some people are apt to do (although I couldn't understand what Ranter was saying during the Pokeball opening), and the music you composed yourself was pretty good, too, especially the song during the purple head. I didn't find the voices annoying, either. I liked the nerdy, nasally voice that the trainer had, and Ranter's voice was dead-on. Makes me want to watch some of your other stuff if it has him in it.

About that head: it was almost funny. It's obvious you're trying to build up a sense of suspense about how powerful this Pokemon is, to then reveal the punchline that it's just a weak little thing that gets flattened. While this is an old type of joke, it can still get laughs if delivered correctly, and you almost - ALMOST - nailed it. What you should've done differently:
less time for the build-up (although, since it was synced to the audio, this may have been unavoidable),
more clarity of what was happening (I didn't get that it was opening its eyes slowly), more use of shadows (the best way to make something harmless look ferocious is to draw it as a shadowy outline - have you seen The Emperor's New Groove? Remember when Yzma gets turned into a kitten but they portray her as a monster at first? Like that),
more sense of scale (I couldn't tell if it actually was a huge version of Geodude or whether the little Link guy was tiny. Including another object as a point of visual reference would've helped the joke).

So yeah, definitely props for effort, and keep working and learning! Nowhere to go but improve, I always say.

crazyguylink responds:

Thanks for the advice. Yeah, the purple head thing was synced to the music, so I was a bit limited on how quick that could go. I should have picked something with the same mood, but a faster progression. I have actually seen the Emperors new groove, and I never thought about shading. I'll give that a shot in my next vid (LOL Kitten from hell, I loved that scene.) And I probably should have added some reference to size. I'll keep these points in mind and exercise them in future vids. I appreciate the advice and I'll put them into action. Thanks :D


6 for effort.
But then again... never mind..

crazyguylink responds:

Yeah... I need to work more on humor and animation, you're right. I'm still learning.

Oh man, dude...

Haha, dude, you made this with Paint. Believe me, I've made "animations" with paint and Movie Maker, so I can appreciate how damn long it takes to make one of these things, and how much effort actually goes into making one. And I never even recorded voices for mine.

However, I knew that while making them, that they would be horrible. And they were, which is why I never uploaded any.

Regardless, you still did an ok job with what you had. You obviously put in a great deal of work, but this animation still doesn't hold a candle to flash animations. Oh, and if you used flash to make, then holy shit it's horrible.

As for the actual video, the whole purple head sequence thing took so long, and after it I was just confused. The guy was hiding inside the head or something?

Also, the voice of the one guy was really annoying, the geodude owner.

Overall, I understand how much work was put into this, but the jokes weren't really that funny, and this shouldn't really be on the site with other animations. If you really want to upload this somewhere, I suggest youtube, where people might appreciate it more.

crazyguylink responds:

I'll admit, I didn't have a lot to work with, and Rick (Ranter, Who also did the voice of the trainer) isn't really good at changing his voice. I know that this isn't the greatest, But I can't figure out flash maker and as well, I have limited use of my drawing hand due to a permanent injury, so hand sketching is out of the question. As for Rick, he has little time to do anything other than ranter's voice with his job. As for the purple head thing, I did think of shortening it, but completely forgot to do that before the video was made. Sorry about that.

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Aug 16, 2011
7:31 PM EDT
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