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MentosClock's DEADline

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Here is my slightly late Clock Day flash. I hope our King doesn't notice that it's late, or else...

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Nice idea for making a late flash! It makes up for being late! (well not really)


a great movie, even if short(i usually, am sad from short movies, but this was VERY good,my sir-hmm)so, i liked:
the graphics, with the small-brush paintings, yet the fluid motion. pirate, and mentos' look'ed like they were fr liquid! amazing!
they looked like they whhere liquid!!
fff also, i enjoyed the lines, the humour, and the overall work. and the animation was... very quircky, funny, and fluid.(i said that again.i KNOW)

uhh, only bad stuff: pirate clcok had AWFULL hair. everyone knows his hair are either: hidden under his hat, or: 2. pretty.
also: the ending made me sad. WHY would SBC slay/decapitate the mentos?
that is unfair!
mentos should get an award, a pat on the head!
something! candy!

anyway, you get a five, my short-friend!
5/5 101010


An in-depth analysis of the physiological relationship between object and clock. Time has no reason, time has no bou

Our Lord is a wrathful one :(

I didn't submit anything this Clockday. I was hoping to dodge the draft with community service.

Fuck, You have a sick style.

Loved every moment of it.