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I was going to submit something actually, y'know, good, but circumstances forced me to settle with this.

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an amazing movie.
it has good images, funny dialogue, strange music, and even if it has flashing lights, and images, it can still entertain ou, while keeping an epic profile. i also liked the deep-enchanted story, and the whole-twist-filled script, full of horrors, and predicaments for our heroes! the story goes on like this:

it features the tales of bravado-hero-rogue, bb10-grey-scull, who is a notorious clcok and pirate, and of his first-sailor, kombucha-clock, or kombuchanauhn the III rd.
so, as he and kombuchanauhn the 3rd embark on their epic journey, they have to swordfight the menacing flounder-beast, and dive in, to sword-fight-yet again- against jefferson's army of undead ham-stone skeletons! while scarred and injured, bb10-grey-scull, and his companion, kombuchanauhn the 3rd, confront the duke of smithsersonshire, and talk to jefferson. then, the treasure is all theirs.

an amazing story. demand a sequel.


singing tts is priceless.

What a beautiful score.

Are you sure you'll get away with using the Pirates of the Caribbean's music though?

I was going to watch all of this but...

I got scared of the sea monster :'(

Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free,

you are a pirate!