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3/22/2013 UPDATE: #17 ALL-TIME, jehovas.

11/30/2012 UPDATE: #13 ALL-TIME, rockwilders.

5/10/2012 UPDATE: #7 ALL-TIME, cumdumpsters.

C H A O S ensues in the aftershock that was clock day eleven.
originally created by me for the now all but abandoned discharges.org

Birdy Nam Nam - War Paint [punloop]

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I was honestly afraid to pass judgment, as I thought this might be some inside joke, but it seems everyone else is as confused as I am. It's a catchily obnoxious "song" put to what looks like a gameboy screen malfunctioning; it's devoid of entertainment value.

I wouldn't recommend watching it to anybody.

Punisher responds:

you are a retarded mongoloid.
not surprising that you miss the point, cockfag.

Dunno why newgrounds voting system is made in a way that this can get to top 50

Punisher responds:

Dunno why you think your opinion is worth being known.

Missed the point, seemingly par for the course.

Doesn't stop this from being a gimmicky animation. The looping was well done though. Meh.

Punisher responds:

the point is: you're a retarded FAGGOT.
no shit you missed it, dumbass.

You do punish

Well, you seemed to live up to your name, because I didn't enjoy this much. I think its main flaw is that it simply goes on forever. I don't know what you did, but this is in the Top 50 of all time! I almost have to give you credit for whatever you did to get such a high score! Anyway, the most annoying thing is probably the sound. It seems like this would have been more enjoyable if it was more organized as nothing seemed to make sense.

I was afraid the whole thing would just be that loading animation. You seem like you have the potential for something better, just put more effort into it. I guess it is technically a music video, just a really nonsensical one. You have obviously made some interesting things, but you need more uniqueness to be popular. The tune isn't that bad, I guess.

Punisher responds:

You absolutely missed the entire point, as usual.

You are a fucking idiotic faggot, & I hope you die within the hour.