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In Ten Years ..

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Strawberry has been stuck on a journey for many years.. he has lost all sense of time.
He can not even recall where this journey was supposed to lead him to..
Everyone else is still on track and everything else seems perfectly normal.
but StrawberryClock is chasing something lost a long time ago..
In ten years I will B... he thought and stopped.. Unable to finish the sentence he decided to dive deeper into his self, now roaming through the universe repeating to himself:
What will I B ?
SBC never got to drive.

... Merry ClockDay everyone and a happy ten year Anniversary of B. <3
approx. runtime: ten years.

EDIT September 28th 2012:
Added text and made it end instead of looping (though it still loops it's just a little shorter). I also finally found the song's name which is on the credits to the left.
I felt bad for not submitting to Clockday this year so i touched this one up.

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I like this movie. Great job! We've all changed. You should pursue whatever you truly desire.

Any minute, I was expecting some screaming image to pop out. I really was pleasantly surprised. This is one of the best simple Clock Day flashes I've ever seen. Granted, it does still give off the impression that you didn't put a lot of work into it. Do you guys work on Clock submissions all year? I can remember the 2011 logo.

It helps that the music you use is so beautiful. That can't be English. It does make you realize what StrawberryClock's journey will be. Is he even on a journey? I seem to notice how there are fewer and fewer Clock flashes every year...

A man who inspired my insane creativity

Ok, I know you don't know me and I don't know you well, but you are the main reason I started to think on my own instead of basing my life off other people. Your animations over the years has made me a different person all together. I don't know why you have not made any more flash animations, but I wish that you would, because maybe people would perceive art in a completely different way than what mainstream media wants them to perceive art. Tldr: I want to thank you for all the art you presented to my brain. You, my friend, are the reincarnation of art.


Mindattack...? Why?

Good song to get back on track btw.

Well done

What a journey