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feinds get dizzy

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Author Comments

the feinds get their house fumigated the only problem is that they forget to leave!!!!!!!, for the best expeirience right click turn off play and let it load thanks!

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what here fight

So much to say...

All right. First of all, I'd like to say that I actually like the somewhat choppy lego animation. It's an interesting style and perhaps it could be used in greater things. I like the fact that you used legos in your animation and that the animation was so-so, but sometimes it was a bit too choppy. Legos? Yes. Choppy animation? Over done.

Secondly, someone before me said that someone's going to get sued. I somewhat agree with that. Whatmore, the Friends parody is not working for me. The whole intro with the song turned me off a bit from this movie. No more Friends parodies. Please. If anything, try to scrape together enough creativity to get a less annoying idea. An original story would have pleased me much more.

Thirdly, can you smarten up the humor a bit? What jokes are you making here? First a toilet, then a simple conversation of niceties that immediately turns to a savage fight? I can see that they're jokes and that some people may laugh at them, but these jokes are not fazing me at all. Either smarter jokes or a wider variety of jokes, to make other people laugh. Not everyone is going to laugh at two morons just randomly fighting each other over some stupid little thing that I didn't even understand.

By the way, what was up with that "exterminator"? "Your... um... extermination date is... um... over." Were these people conned by someone pretending to be an exterminator or did they just get third-rate service from an incompetent exterminator? I don't know if that was your intent, but I'd have liked it more if that exterminator actually knew what he was doing. The two main characters were unintelligent, which I get. The movie is picking fun at these two people and their adventures caused by their stupidity and their carelessness, but, good lord, don't make every single character an idiot. I think it would've been better if that exterminator were intelligent enough to know what he was doing because it would've made the other two looked extremely dumb in comparison. This, instead, was a cesspool of stupidity.

I like the story all right. I don't love it, but I'm all right with it. That whole scene where they were dancing was a bit annoying, but the story called for it, I guess. Once again, the animation was a tad choppy for me. Plus, you only had them do two different things! Then they repeated the first thing! I don't know what I would've done there, but I might've made that whole scene shorter and/or with a wider variety of goofy actions.

By the way, that screen was so small! I was squinting to watch this thing!

Overall, I like the legos idea, the choppy animation was a bit overdone, this story could've been better written with more comprehensible jokes, the only scene(other than the very end) that made me chuckle on the inside was a tad long, with too choppy animation and with too much repetition, (Don't drag your jokes too long.) and the screen was too small.

Of course, I haven't watched your other stuff yet which I probably should, but I really hope there's improvement along these lines.
3/10, 1/5

Twas Purrty Good

I only wrote this review, because someone was hating on this entry. I think that person was just taking up space. Fact is, this was pretty good. A bigger bandwidth would help


very cerative, i liked it man.


Funny, even though I didn't know what was going on. Another Lego movie. Good job. Hope to see another one soon.

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2002
4:48 PM EDT