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A compilation of 10 flashes by 1 man in celebration of 10 years of ClockCrew.


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There's a certain art to your spam

That simply cannot be found at any competitor.

Karmagasm responds:



a score of ten is not enough. I should have to ten each flash within this compilation. You deserve, you get, 100 / 10. Good on you.

Karmagasm responds:

aw shucks, you make me blush like a syphilitic prostitute. *^_^*


Not one. Not five. But TEN flashes in one? Boomer, you inspire me to be more than I feel like being at a given time before your inspiration or something

Karmagasm responds:

your donation to the god-ego bank has been accepted.

quality stuff...

making 10 cartoons in one is fairly ambitious considering the difficulties some clocks have in completing even one, but i get the impression that you do not actually love cats :-(
fifen'd, anyway

Karmagasm responds:

I totally love cats! they featured in 3 of the 10 more conclusive proof can't be found!


Anything with Sega Genesis music is automatically awesome.

Karmagasm responds:

Well then you'll be disappointed to know that it's not real genesis music, it's just made to sound like it. :(