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Modern Archeology

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It doesn't take long for something to get old and outdated these days.

A remake of an really old flashmovie i found on my computer, felt that it was time to use it for something. I hope you get the joke.

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It's so nice to see you back after all these years! I really do appreciate your art style. I was disappointed when the "Requiem For A Dream" music ended. It was really cool to see him with that earbud. I guess it makes all the more sense for him to get the iPad! Anyway, I was able to guess "time"!

Well, it was either that, water or death. Time was certainly up there! I liked how I didn't know where this was going at first. I'm glad you at least got Daily 3rd Place. The "modern" part makes so much sense now.

I am a modern archaeologist

As an actually archaeologist, I can safely assure you all that this is exactly what we go through every time we go on a dig. From stowing away on ships, dodging death traps, and breaking perfectly intact priceless pottery into sherds (we all fucking hate pottery anyway), and dealing with possessed statues that speak English. That is the shit in which we roll every day. Roll on my archaeologically fellows, for we are the stuff movies are made of!

The only true things in the above statement are that I'm an archaeologist, and many archaeologists hate pottery. Indiana Jones is a terrible archaeologist but that has nothing to do with this flash so here is a 9 for the sake of my entertainment.

needs to be the other way around

He was holding an ipod nano...the ipad is still fairly new. Ipod nanos are like...B.C now. LOL. good flash, sorta dark (might just be my screen) and the sound was a bit drained, but I liked it. 4/5 8/10

Good work

Superb job with visuals and details. The concept and execution was a real knee slapper. The flash does however have several major flaws. The animation is really choppy, wooden & limited with too much tweening and little movements of the whole body, even for simple movements, and the style often changes when the protagonist is moving. In the beginning the water doesn't feel like water.
Overall, while it has a good joke and great still details, the animation needs a lot of work.

I thought the answer was...

Chuck Norris