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I do stuff and things. I suck at stuff so I compensate with things.



So I'll admit and made a mistake thinking your latest submission was actually the 1-9th episodes of your show, and reviewed it thinking it was the beginning of LunaRose. Learned afterwards it wasn't, and yet I see it might as well have been. Your first episodes tells us nothing and accomplishes nothing. At least I get this episode is trying to be funny, even though it's painfully unfunny with poor line reading and zero timing.

Still, at least your later stuff improves with line reading and musical selection, though improvement here is a very relative term and you have a long way to go before I'd call this series good by any stretch. As I can see you've pumped out 9 of these things in a month's time, why don't you take a little more time with your projects and really focus on a coherent and/or funny script. It might just pay off.

the intro music is horrible

dear god i still got headache listening to the intro music change it for everyone sake, the content was actually quite decent, i like the first one(the practice sword then meet girl in grampa grave) better than the 2nd one(rpg) cuz it got less talking , the talking/joke take too long all they do is talk then little action and then even more talk and then talk some more , make the casual talk talk lesser unless u do it after the viewer already love the char or at least after a series of event and not the beginning.
carefull using (jap) tsundere/anime frenchise/etc it rub of as a parody and might confused ppl cuz ppl thought this was quite a serious story and then dissapointed on it.

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Crintleod responds:

I changed the intro music. I hope it's not as painful.

I will not be changing how much talking is in the series. Too many newgrounds videos lack dialogue.

I don't understand your last sentence...


As I have watched this video, I cannot help but feel enthralled by the strange mix of elements with in the story. The styles seem to draw influences from RPG style games, blended with elements of Fantasy. There is also an interesting blend of various cultures and subcultures that make up their world. I hope to be able to see the other 18 scenes that were not included in this version. You should Contact Tom Fulp, and I'm sure he would be willing to host the whole thing. He usually lets Large files in if you ask him personally. The 10mb limit is mostly an anti-spam measure. I look forward to seeing the rest soon.

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Crintleod responds:

This was exactly the kind of comment I was shooting for and you made me very happy. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!

I will consider contacting Tom, though the main reason the files were divided is because if they're together, my computer crashes :/

Really Good!

I really enjoyed this. The characters were great, and it looks like this could turn into a great series. However, you should change a couple of things. The frame size isn't very good, it would look much better with a 5:3 or 16:9 ratio, rather than a portrait screen. Also, the speech is a little slow paced, with large gaps in between sentences which seem unnatural.

Keep on going though, I loved this movie. Very engaging.

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Crintleod responds:

Changing the frame size would be too much of a hassle, but I would if it was easy.

I will work on making the speech more steadily paced in future videos.

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Aug 12, 2011
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