Mario Battle Bros. ep. 4

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Finally uploaded! Actually never mind, sorry for the long wait, SMBB fans! (I think there's only a few) Ignore what you read! Cause this time, episode 4 is done and uploaded! Beware! Yoshi gets beaten up, which makes you think it's another SMBZ rip-off... Well, I came up with that, after stopped watching SMBZ, Working on the plot, a new intro, new characters, more episodes.. etc.

Yeah yeah, I would like to say that I am 12 years old now, July 23 was my birthday, (Getting old, I hate getting old) didn't you know? Whatever...

Enjoy, grab a Scrab cake and Paramite pie and some Soulstorm brew drink and start watching!
(I removed the scene selection, it kinda bothers me..


this is poor animation!

Well first of all I think you can do better than this, I felt nothing from the fights here, it has speed but the animation isn't so smooth everything went so slow, and it has a lack of many sounds that needed to be put in, and sorry to tell you the music in the fight between the yoshi and the black yoshi, well its kinda nice never mind about that but try to practice on faster fighting animation and find some sounds.

I hope it will help you bro, and BTW everyone tries to follow Alvin Earthworm no matter what they do and what they say its all the same!

it was meh

SuperMarioFan9000 responds:



it needs some work. i found that ep.3 had better action, but the effects werent that great. work on the drawings, as they werent that good. other than that good work and looking forward to next episode!

Don't WAnna be a Ball Buster

I'm going to agree with the Guy below me.
I knoe yall are hardcore fans of SMBZ, Mario, and DBZ


this is terrible. You need to look back on this and see where in every scene it lacks. even the script was terrible. the fighting was horrible and nothing about the movie including the effects were good.

Sorry to disappoint you but learn from these negative reviews and improve everything about your movies from here on out.

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2.86 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2011
7:44 AM EDT