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My little practice FLA

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Author Comments

Hey guys, i decided to start making animations, since i been just slakin' off instead of polishing up my animating skills. This little submission is just a practice, nothing too big. Juts a little 16-20 sec animation battle between an Umbreon and what i think is a Salamance. This isn't the best, but i'm proud of what i can do. Still need lots to learn. ^^

If anyone out there has a few pointer or tricks you can teach me, i would love for you to tell ^^
Enjoy this pathetic attempt. X3

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Good start

If this is one your first attempts at animating then you're going to do some seriously good things later down the line. I'm willing to bet on it.

The reason I say this is that you've really honed in on some vital effects that really make up a quality animation. Rushing effects, difficult angles, shaking effects, and other pieces here and there that are essential to creating any animation that requires movement. This sort of grasp on movement and animating usually takes a little while for a new animator to pick up. I personally suck at it.

It would have been nice to see a little more frame by frame work from yourself. The characters and sketches felt rooted into place and made the animation feel more like an interactive comic book than a fight scene.

The only advice I can offer is to keep going. Make mistakes and learn from them. You've avoided the normal path of making shitty stick figure fights like most flash artists do at their beginnings and have created something that shows that you have some real talent lurking within.

I won't be surprised if I see you owning the weekly awards one day. Keep it up.

Shock4th responds:

Hey, thanks bro. knowing people have confidence in me, makes me confident. ^^
And you really flatter me when you say i might own at the Weekly Awards. But let's not try to get ahead of the present, well see what happens in time.

Getting there!

I liked it :)
Never quit bro!
You do need to learn to clean up your animation do more movement and add color. Even with no background this would have looked better with the previous mentioned.
Acolecovision said it right take his words into deep consideration!

Not Bad, but.....

You need to learn how to implement sound, and maybe some color. The animation is smooth enough, so you have that going for you. Just take a little more time with it and it may turn into something really good.

Shock4th responds:

Yes, i know i should add sound and color but this is just a little practice. i'm just trying, how do i say it, to get use to frame by frame. Get to know things work.

Besides, i still have to learn how to mess around with sound and make it mix well with my animations.