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Dynamite Headdy the THEIF

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Author Comments

Dynamite Headdy tries to steal Ristar's car, with crazy hillbilly getaway results.

This movie is an indirect sequel to two of my movies, "Ristar vs Dynamite Headdy", and "A Big Black Guy Named Bass". There are a bunch of cameos and tributes in this movie, see if you can find all of them.

NOTE: Make sure it's loaded all the way before you play the movie! A rule of thumb is to check the bottom right corner of the browser. If it says "Internet", that means the movie is ready, if it says "Unknown Zone", then it's still loading!

Also, I'd like to thank Auto of the Rockman Robot Centre for the 32bit Cutman sprite.

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Such a twist in the end. Totally this one was good. Note. Zoom in the player or screen if it is small or too small.

This was better than I thought. It's mostly because it was really done well with the sprite work. I especially appreciate the story. I'll never get tired of that "Get away from the car, motherfucker!" line! These characters appear a lot in these cartoons. The running time was good too.

I also like how it's not just a single joke. It really does build up on itself. I've forgotten how prolific you were. I wonder who made the most sprite cartoons? The colors are really nice.


I probably will make a flash movie about dynamight headdy and ristar. I'll email it to you and see what you think. It's called Ristar's
big promblem. There are three other sequals to that and there called dynamight headdy's revenge, dynamight headdy returnes and dynamight headdy's plan. There are two other sequals witch have nothing to do with the stuff that will go on in the movies listed above. They are ristar's vacation and dynamight headdy in: ristars hevey artiliry. It will take a long time to make these so sit tight.


make sonic paradies

Lol! Nice work

This is the first movie on Newgrounds I've seen with dynamite Heady and Ristar! (my 2 fav SEGA Genesis characters) and not to mention you did a great job at making this.
Now for my usual critique:

Although they are VG Sprites, they are animated very smoothly (eased tweens, flawless animation).

There really wasn't much more than the music, but the "Big Black Guy Named Ben" voice that says "Step away from the car, mutha f*cker" made me laugh.

Don't be surprised it's a 0, it's a movie not a game :P (I shouldn't have even bother writing this part lol)

There isn't much violence in this. Heady getting his "neck" snapped (He has no neck, just his head being twisted lol), some fighting, and heady getting his head blown off by the low cieling were the only violent parts. Not that it's a bad thing that this rating is low, good things can come out of low violence.

There weren't alot of jokes in this, but the continuous animation, running around, and not to mention ben :P really threw a smile and some giggles on my face. The ending was funny too not to mention (not going to say it or I may spoil it for some ppl :P).

Overall:8/10, 4/5

Keep up the great work.
Btw, the next time I see you on AIM, I might ask for the Ristar and Heady sprites you have :P
If you want, we could do a movie together and I could make 3D stuff for it (I found out that 3D graphics and animations are my hidden talent, I'm so happy that I'm probably going to make lots of 3D stuff and finally get more awards instead of my usual 3.20-3.40 scoring submissions)

As always, great work!
-TC, self-dubbed king of the audio portal (most total playback time and nearly 200 songs, I'm also #5 for most flash, tied up with -KNOX- atm!)

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2002
4:26 AM EDT