The Eds vs Ashike P2

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Now I don't want any flames from you. I only want constructive criticism and positive comments. There's a thin line between flaming and criticism, but there's a big difference. So if you don't have anything nice or something constructive, don't review this at all. Thank you.

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Quite well done and put together

Is this what I think it is? XD

Okay okay okay let me get this straight it's Ed Edd and Eddy vs. DBZ characters. And what's funny is that their all serious and not in usual character. I mean Ed isn't a blubbering dumbass they're actually fucking shit up! I mean I can't even take this seriously the Ed's going all Super Sayin how much sense does that make I mean out of ALL the random characters you get these guys.

But despite what I said I got a good laugh out of this. Keep up the good work! XD

DogDays124 responds:

I'll try to get them more in to character next time! Thanks!

Never before in my life-

-have I seen something as beautiful as this. I mean, I've never even heard of dragon ball Z or Ed, Edd and Eddy but this just blew my knickers off. My hat's off to you sir and good luck in your future endeavors. Can't wait to see more from you, you talented person.

DogDays124 responds:

Thank you too!!! :)

Nothing Special.....

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did a good job with the sprites, animation was pretty smooth too, and the sounds of course. The vid was pretty long so I started to lose some interest. Try using actual voice acting for your next one to keep it more interesting. Good job none the less... high five!

DogDays124 responds:

THANK YOU!!!!! :)

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Aug 4, 2011
1:38 PM EDT