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Tommy Wiseau's 127 Hours

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It's Aron Ralston's epic tale of survival re-imagined by one of the great directors of our time- Tommy Wiseau, director and star of The Room. Experience this quirky new black comedy. It's a riot!

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This is quite possibly the best flash ever!


Bear Grylls approves that he drank his own piss.


I love Tommy Wiseau <3 , he Rocks

tank2tank responds:

Is there nothing he can't do?

You're mai favorite falsh

The only problem i saw with this was that, at the beginning, when you wrote that it was by tommy wiseau, you shouldve also put that it was directed, written, produced, executively produced, and starring tommy wiseau, as well. Otherwise, it was a brilliant flash spoofing the most hilarious guy since sliced bread!

tank2tank responds:

Maybe I should have also put that it was based on a concept and story by Tommy Wiseau, despite the fact that it's a true story.

My thoughts

Wouldn't be surprised if it was actually how Tommy Wiseau would have direct this film. It is helerious, though the animation is not that great, it's good but not great. This is really helerious with the concept and the lines used from The Room. Keep it up and I hope to see more flashes from you

tank2tank responds:

Tommy Wiseau spent all the budget on hookers and beer so I guess that explains the animation quality.