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Xperiments of Dr Cerebrum

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Edit 2020:

There's one scene in this animation that i'm not overly happy with, when I first made it I thought it fitted and went with the story I was trying to tell but I was only 18 and didn't really think twice about how it might effect the animation in the long term. You'll know the part when it comes up, I could of edited it out but I thought i'd leave it in since it's a good way to show how an idea can seem good at the time but might not of been the best choice in the long run.

hello people!

here is a toon me and zip zipper have spent 8 months working on!

it's a silient horror film based on german expressionism!

honstly i am very very very happy with how it's came out the music the art it's just as we hoped it to be

it's made in a "paper craft" and it really works with the story (at least i think so) and zips music goes really well with the surreal style.

thats really it thanks just watch it and i hope you like it :D

thanks for watching!

holy crap thanks for the awards :D

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Very nice Animation. Sad and somewhat unvorgiving in the End, too.
But what does this have to do with German Expressionism?

ClockworkPixel responds:

Set designis based if it and the use of an emotional theme

poor lil brain guys :c when they finally found love it all keeps crashing down on them :c

ClockworkPixel responds:

D: it all ends in tears

AWESOME i loved it. it made me want to cry though

ClockworkPixel responds:

Goooood haha thanks

Dude Cool Your Like The Best How Do you think of it

ClockworkPixel responds:

Gotta keep my mind busy while clothes shopping haha thanks