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Love Lies BleedingTrailer

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Author Comments

I'm kind of excited. This is the first thing I've ever submitted.

Did I work hard on it? Yes and no. I kind of got anxious and tired of working on it towards the end, so if you think it sucks after 3/4 of the way through.... heh... sorry (I was definately unimpressed with my art later on, but too lazy to fix it).

The movie itself is going to be an epic (in other words... long ^_~), so it'll probably be quite some time before that gets finished. This is just here (hopefully) as a bit of a spirit-lifter.

I may or may not have birthed a style of artwork here. ::Shrugs:: I've never seen it.

Either way, I like to call it "Candle Wax".

If you'd like to see the actual animation made (it won't be so half-assed, I promise ^_^), let me know. The hard drive on my other computer died the other day, taking the project with it. So I have to restart it. I need lots of motivation.

Please give me reviews. Don't make me beg. ^_^ Unless you really can't think of anything to say. Then I guess you're off the hook. Heh.

Ok, I can't think of anything else. Watch it. ^_^

****Okeydokey. There's a preloader now. It's not very pretty (colorful, maybe)... I just kind of slapped it together. Oh, and to make it scarier, it's also the first preloader I've ever made. So I'm not too sure as to wether or not it will work. BUT, I can tell you the "Stop" action works when it gets to the end, so at least it won't start playing until you tell it to. I'm going to stop babbling now.

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It's just a vampire move...

The only vampire movie I liked was UNDERWORLD, the rest sucked. This don't look much better.


This a preview to a bad looking goth movie


thta looks fuckin sweet man you gotta make the full length one its by far the best thing ive seen on here so far.........Damn its awsum

Greatest trailer on Newgrounds today.

Dude. This has potential to be the best flash movie ever. I loved the artwork, I loved the voices, and I loved the music. It all fit together so perfectly. I've been going to Newgrounds for well over a year now, but this movie is the first one that I've ever written a review for. It's that good, man. MAKE THE FULL VERSION!

Necrophageon responds:

And this is the first review that's given me a little push in the right direction. I thought maybe I'd be up for something like this, and all I needed to do was finish a trailer. Then I thought for sure I'd be up for making a whole animation. I started it a few different times, and wether my hard drive died (I've been through 4) or I just lost my inspiration (my attention span is dreadfully short), it never saw the light of day. I'm pretty sure my comments still say it should be done sometime last year. But I've been doing a lot of nothing lately.... and this might be just the project I need. I've already got the story 90% done sitting in my room somewheres. Just no promises. As much as I'd love to do it, I just can't keep interested long enough sometimes. But here's to hoping I do. I'd really like to see how people react to my idea. Thanks a lot for the warm review *cracks his knuckles*... I'mma give this another whril...


man that looks ill...you better make it to the front page when you submit :-)

P.S. spelling errors (i think i'm OCD about this lol - guaranteed, coming (unless you meant to spell it with two m's, which would be cool...i think that's it)

Credits & Info

4.35 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2002
1:19 PM EDT