Awesome Kirby

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here is an awesome parody for kirby. this might suck but i have been learning flash for about 2 weeks so i shat this out.

made in 6 hours.

i have played a kirby game 4 years ago so i cant remember the important stuff about it

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Why can't your animation nowbe as good as this?

sweetcommando responds:

because im losing my cool. i just cant make that magic any more

You said it yourself.

"I have played a Kirby game 4 years ago."

Maybe you should have played it again recently to learn more about it before you go ahead and dedicate 6 hours of your time to making something about it that may be inaccurate.

This is a good first effort, but you need to work on the humour, jokes and punchlines.

The "Awesome series" is a well made series that looks in to the fads behind the most popular games. This one seems a little irrelevant if I'm honest.

Like I said though, good first effort. I'd like to see what else you're capable of. Maybe spend more time on the writing, and you may be forgiven for the bog-standard animation. There are flash animations out there that look like they were drawn by a 7 year old with parkinsons, but because the humour was "relevant" and genuinely funny, it is overlooked that they've spend little to no time on the actually art/animations. Can't wait to see more from you as you progress.

Enjoy what you do, too. That's most important. Spend a little more time on the little things, and you'll feel really proud of what you've delivered to us. If you cut corners and leave things out that you consider important, but don't want to put the time in to make, you'll end up feeling "meh" about what you've submitted. Are you genuinely proud of this flash? Feel like you could have done things a little differently? Pull it from NG and work on it a little longer. You won't regret it when you've reached the front page. ^_^

sweetcommando responds:

you're right. what you just wrote made me think about this. i will work on a flash for a longer time now. 1-4 months maybe. thank you, next time you'll see me on the front page :)

I was expecting worse

I was a bit skeptical once the opening title came in, but you pulled through. Although the animation wasn't the best, the jokes were funny. Good job.

sweetcommando responds:

thank you


realy nice for a begginer

sweetcommando responds:


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Jul 29, 2011
4:35 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody