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That New Guy

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Author Comments

Johnny "The Icepick" doesn't like the new guy but, his mob buddy and even his own boss love that scamp! But is Icepick right?

I made this for a school project a few months ago. Being a stopmotion project for my film class. I'm pretty happy with it.

Also, this video quality is fairly low because it's video brought into flash and as you can see, the file size already is huge. So go to youtube for the HD version!

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I'm giving you a 10 because you sincerely deserve it. This must have taken you so long.. I love that you mixed stop motion with standard flash, too. That was amazing. Great work. I seriously hope you make more, as these characters seem so well established that I can see that you'll quickly gather fans for your work.

Can't wait to see what's next!

Very nice indeed

I like the way you used animation for the mouths. I also enjoyed the stop motion, you did very well with the movements and actions as well as the special effects added in around them, like that "floating" Beethoven head. lol Honestly, I love stop motion so this was a real treat for me. Hopefully we'll get to see some more stop-motion from you in the future. :D

KevinButtchin responds:

At the moment, I don't really have plans on doing anymore but maybe we'll see more from these rascals in the future!

The style reminds me of Robot Chicken

The drawn mouths on the clay figures is an interesting approach that I really like, but it's disconcerting when the mouth disappears when they stop speaking.


I loved the stop-motion animation! Good job :D

Thank you

This one was pretty funny. Stop motion is ridiculously hard ( either that or I'm just to lazy to do it), and I appreciate your censoring being consistent throughout. Xd. I still feel that you could use a new mic for audio though. But, I'm a total snob anyways, so it's not that important. Good luck with making more videos!