Dire Haven

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Naked people - naked people everywhere! Tired of being naked? Run through the traps to find a safe haven! There are 20 Campaign levels and 10 of the Expansion. The Expansion levels are ridiculously hard so we wouldn't recommend them to casual players.

There is a scoreboard for each mode you can submit your times to! Music can be muted under Options.

This game is a remake/sequel to the 2008 freeware title by independent game developer Sean Flannigan (radnom games). We hope you guys like this and have fun!



controls are tight and really good, fun game

I'd have to say that this game has made for a nice challenge although I do admit that one of the Expansion levels required one of those greenish-yellow, black-triangle faced dudes to get through. Nice job!

For those people saying they beat this and aren't getting the medals, stop lying, mmkay?

I'm rating this a 5/5 because it's a nice change from the typical games that feed players medals and such.

Fun and cute game

A decent flash here, I really like what you have here, there seems to be some good quality about all this and, i really like your style with this It was nicely done, There was alot of great value you gave to this flash, but there were some weaker points that could be addressed aswell, its one of those flash pieces thats grabs your attention and keeps you there, OK this is a fun game it has some cute sprites some entertaining music and is generall a fun game, its not boring at all, And while you only have a couple of medals its still pretty fun, i think you should add some more medals though, this type of game needs more medals and more of a preogression way of medals and so on, so thats something to think about, But anyways good game cute and fun just needs more to it and especially more medals, I didnt get very far i did get into a few levels, but it was still fun, you should think about adding the level you are on on the screen you happen to be on, everything was just all the level and no ifo about the level, so it would be nice to have something more in the "INFO" sense of tings. So I found there to be Alot of great things in this Game, some could be better like some little details here and there, but not much but still some stuff could take a looking into as suggested of course, The game itself is pretty solid, but again need more attention, You have something good here, allthough it does need abit more, but really overall it was pretty balanced just needed abit more stuff, This was fun and entertaining of a game.

And so here we are in the improvment section of the review to me always the hardest part of the review as i dont want to pick apart the review but try and help, This Game entry does have some decent Potential, so here is where i may Recommend Some ideas and tips for better imrpvment, with some positive points, and basic ideas, hope you use them in this or future games. This was pretty fantastic with some of the medals you had, some easy and some moderate to heavy skill level, you should add more on moderate level of skill and really build up the more the better. Add the level number or some slight info when you are on that level, But other then that that was pretty good if you ask me.

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3.59 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2011
5:39 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop