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Meathead Preview

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Meathead is an average man, with a steak for a head. He hates his job, but he needs it to survive; after all, it`s hard being a steak in the big city.

My friend Anthony created a sketch of meathead, on the bus, in 5th grade. I later drew the full version of him, and dubbed him Meathead. Now that I have flash, and am 13, I can bring meathead alive, through the magical powers of animation.

Please rate, comment, and watch some of my other animations.

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Hope to see the full thing

MadVTaco responds:

no you don't

Very well animated...

I really like your animating and drawing style, but as this was a trailer, it hardly said anything about the actual series, which is what a trailer is suppose to do, I hope you take my review and learn from your mistakes :)


Mmmm... meh.

I usually absolutely hate previews and "trailers" and Blam them like the plague. However; this one is somewhat interesting. The art style looks like you know what you are doing and the music and background noise seemed rather well thought out and nicely done. The movement was fluid and the coulor scheme was simple but not simple enough that it looks like you forgot shading or something. All around a nicely done flash preview... Now just GET RID OF THE D*** LOOP... LOOPING IS ANNOYING TO EVERYONE!!!

Other than that keep it up and please for the all that is good and right in the world; don't quit half way through and actually finish this please.

MadVTaco responds:

Don't get your panties up in a knot. I'll finish it.