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America Is Freedom

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Author Comments

This is a little experimental war drama that I cooked up. It is based on my experience as a Marine in Afghanistan and takes inspiration from Tom Clancy novels.

Afghanistan threatens America's freedom with nuclear missiles and a lone soldier must take on this threat. The stakes are high and he knows there is only one chance. The world is depending on him.

Please give constructive criticism. I know the plot is far-fetched and the animation looks a bit choppy at points but I am still learning.

Thank you.

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Quite funny.

Not great on the whole. But it's nice to see some 'British', perhaps off the wall humour on NG. Animation isn't great but I did like the the ned/Glaswegian accents.


Fuck Yeah! comin to save the muthafuckin day! this was absolute shit.

That sounded like a good plot to me

That was actually a pretty good plot but it's obvious that after the text you didn't really give it much thought