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*** Well... This is my first submission here to Newgrounds. This isn't anything special in my opinion, I just wanted to make an "intro" for a possible project of the future, just to get something on here. I felt that before I release any of my big projects, I should release something else first to get a little bit of attention my way. It probably won't be till Halloween before I upload something again, so I figured it would be a good idea to put this up to show what kind of style I like to animate in.

*** Basically, this is a short intro to a possible movie where aliens have taken our planet over, Harvesting us for food and what not. It's not a very original idea, but like I said above, I just wanted to get something on here while I work on my real projects.

*** Please leave some reviews for me, I'll respond to as many of them as I can! Oh yeah, and I recommend MEDIUM quality. Just right click to change it if you didn't know that :P.

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I really like the concept of this and the art was really good. Looks like you put some good effort into this one, I'd love to see this finished. Some of the affects looked quite lazy such as the fire, also the animation the alien head turning was bad, need easing and anticipation.
Thanks for posting and make sure to keep this up!


You seem to have quite some animation potential, and you got me intrested in the series that might follow!

Keep animating!


This is certainly one of those animations where the viewer wouldn't be so bored as to look away for a moment. Hope to see the rest soon.

hope to see something in the future

Why recommend medium quality? Graphics look better in high quality! It will be tough to do anything fancy quickly with that level of detail but I do admire your choice of sky. I also liked the sparks coming out of the fire but the scene after with the ship flying at an angle kinda bothered me cause the background wasn't moving the way I thought it should with the ships trajectory.

Your comments appear to indicate you don't believe this can be original but I bet you could make it original. Maybe think about twists... Good luck.

i like it

its a start of a great series i can see it being something great i hope this goes well, i'll be waiting for your next work

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4.55 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2011
11:12 PM EDT