Kawai Tensi (cute angel)

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scene from To aru majutsu No Index.

Index needs to summon angel,but it does`nt go well. because,,,,

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im giving you a 2 for the time you spent on it but other wise it needed more. newgrounds is filled with videos that get uploaded and then watched a couple of times but never go anywhere. that is what is going to happen to your flash because you didnt even try with the animation and it had no sound, you want something in the background like a song or preferably voicing
p.s. that talking animation was really bad

Terrible... just terrible...

Your Japanese is terrible. Kawai does not mean cute, it has to have an extended I to be cute. Otherwise it means scary.

zrgyu responds:

but,,,, at the original scene,, a lot of korean subtitles say "cute angel"

and also,, in cartoon K-on(if you know about this cartoon,,),
Hirasawa Always say "Kawaiwa!",when she saw something cute,,,
and it`s also translated as "Cute!"

it`s shocking for me that Kawai Means scary.

after read all reviews,i noticed this work itself is not a good work,,,
(not just problem of words,,,)

I guess I`m not good at comedy,and find some different way,,

's ok...

Well, it's not bad, but it's not that good either.... Probably the biggest flaw is the abrupt sound effects. Next time, try adding some soft background music just so that the other sounds don't sound so abrupt. also, it would be nice if it were a little more clear about WHY they need an ambulance... or a cute healing angel. Anyway, I did like the ending quite a bit... it surprised me. as it stands, you're on the lower end of a 3, with most of the support coming from the idea, not the execution.

no sound?

gets some voices bro.

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4.25 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2011
1:59 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody