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Happy Little Piglet

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I created the original content known as Yodel Pig which can be viewed here:


Psychopath; This submission reminded me a lot of Willie Wonka, and no, not that Tim Burton tripe either. Also, many aspects of this simple running loop were optimized for greater quality enhancements;


I installed the preloader, the keyboard based controls, the links to our accounts, the paypal donate/tip jar buttons, the flash ads and most complex of all, the CFC "quick list" application; a rotary controlled list of works created by the CrapFlashCrew's members and DimWitDog.


I rotoscoped the original PRT/SCRN+CTRL+V'd background and replaced the original audio with the once infamous "Happy Little Biscuit" [hence the name change from "Yodel Pig" to "Happy Little Piglet"] for legal reasons; I filled in missing outlines for the pig throughout it's running cycle, meaning that when I did so, I had to copy/paste the same 7 frames of animation 100 times individually before I was done; I also corrected the rainbow's trajectory whilst keeping it's overall design and perspective.

SINcerely yours,


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Glazed Bacon sounds delicious.

It looks like this was just another infinite loop. I'm not too keen on those because there isn't much that goes on with them. I admit that it's very cute. The music isn't bad either. Hey, the Wonka movie with Tim Burton was decent! You need to have more going on, like with Weebl's cartoons.

For some reason, I was reminded of the pig from "Gravity Falls". When is that show on anyway? You seemed to have everything flow rather nicely. Wait, it actually does have an ending. You deserve credit for that.

lol loved this

Very cute and adorable

I remember seeing this under judgement, and it was one of the few gems that day, while it might be a short loop, it still is well done:
The running piglet itself is well animated, and the use of bright and strong colours pleases the eyes of the viewer.
The music fits very well, and it makes the flash far more enjoyable, since it has this happy feeling with it.
All in all not a perfect, but surely a good flash, that made me happy.

here piggy!!!

want bacon.....