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A lot of people were mad at MML3 being canceled so, I went ahead and did this. The animation is horrible, probably because I did it all last night and finished it today.



cking pissed at capcom

TheGreeNate responds:

we all are my friend.

Needs re-sub

You have a legitimate message here, but it's marred by the format in which you chose to present it. The low-quality animations were fine, even a bit cute, but this is a very dialogue-heavy animation (in fact, it could've very well been just a podcast or something), and there are some serious issues with the sound. Your voice is nice and clear, but the volume balance is atrocious. Did you even watch it yourself before posting? I had to turn my speakers up quite a ways just to hear it, and then the loud crowd cheering and the credits music actually hurt, they were so loud. Other than that, I like it the way it is - I'd recommend you tweak the audio, buff up the overall volume and turn down the loud parts, and then re-submit it. Then we might have something worth showing Capcom.

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TheGreeNate responds:

thanks for the review. and yeah you are right, the audio balance was pretty awful, but this whole thing in genera; was rushed to tell you the truth.


10 because it's nice to see a message. Given it's knee-jerk it's not expected to be plished or awesome artistically. This DID make me smile though.

Capcom's got a lot of people turning their backs on them for this one. Ten for content and humour!

TheGreeNate responds:

thanks for the review.

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3.46 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2011
7:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody