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Knives (short)

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i want u guys to pay attention to the lip synch and eye movements,

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just saying....

Just curious...

Why do you think that comments saying "THIS SUCKS" or "WOW NOOB" will be deleted? Surely you're not dumb enough to think you can delete them yourself?

Also, wow noob. This sucks. I'm not just saying that either. The joke was lame, the animation was crap, and voice acting was quite terrible. I suggest you work on all three before you try to submit something again.

I hate it.

Lame & obnoxious animation, terrible voice acting, no plot, bad line delivery, and continuous loop, this has pretty much nothing going for it, but it would be funny if I was a child WAY too young for this site with an awful sense of humor.

Oh ralli

WOW THIS SUCKS NOOB. This very crude attempt at humor was inadequate my dears. I don't know anything but maark my words this willn't be deleted. So anyway about the flash it wasn't horrible I still got a ounce of pleasure from it.

That's great you tried to work on lip sync but...

you forgot to draw the knives better. and there rly was no story to this, and you shouldve added a play button so it doesn't loop over and over again. I think I told you this same stuff on 'Skits'. haha