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Hamburger Moon 2

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Ok here it is. Hope ya guys enjoy it for the most part. Watch the first crap here;

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What About Hamburger Moon 3? But This Time, they are fighting a new villain on the restaurant's newest Enemy: Burger King! Will they defeat the evil Burger king? Find out in: Hamburger Moon 3!

It does seem like you're just taking a cheap shot at the anime, but this is still hilarious. It's mostly because of how good the animation is. I mean, everything is no nicely grotesque. It might go a bit too far sometimes, but it's still great. I love the goofy voices. I probably need to be more familiar with the show.

Well, I know a fair number of things about it. It's just a very creative cartoon. I wish I recognized their names. I like the colors too. I knew they'd eat him at the end.


Lol, I love the sailor moons pigging out.