Anime Showdown (kind Of)

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Hi. This was an animation I worked on once, and I'm not planning on finishing it. So, please don't comment on how it's so incomplete, because it is a tester animation. I was experimenting with effects and stuff, so don't rate low just because of the lack of context or whatever.

If you must leave a review, review the animation's DESIGN rather than the plot OK? There really isn't much of a plot, so I don't want any cheap reviews that just say "you didn't even finish it, what a colossal waste of time" and whatnot. I'm just a sensitive teenager who likes animating, and I'm not trying to get the front page. (Though it WOULD be cool if I did...)

So, rate based on the design, please.


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Rated on my percception of your design as asked
Not bad for a kid fersure but if you start something you might as well see it through till the end right?
I digress, this isn't good, but it sure isn't the worst thing I've seen posted on this site.
keep at it, get better, and post something truly enjoyable later for us mmk?

Please rate just on...

NO! This isn't Testgrounds! You can't just say "please rate on part but not the other..." You have put us in a bind, and here's why:

This "animation" is a fragment. It's a piece of what could eventually be turned into a video, but for now, it's nothing more than a part or a bit.

There have been lots of flash parts and bits coming thru recently. The problem is not if it's bad, but rather if it's good. When it's bad, it gets a low score and gets blammed and is forgotten and gone. Done.

If it's a 'good' piece, then people get confused and may pass it. The problem is that then we've got a fragent of a piece of a bit of a flash floating around newgrounds forever.

Newgrounds is for FINISHED items. It's not good to have fragments floating around with people going, '...WTF is this??!?' when they find it.

Finish your projects and THEN submit them.

As for this flash, the drawings aren't bad, but could still be 'refined' more. The music is good. Even the pictures toward the end are ok, as they continue the story. A story can be told really well with just pictures. See "My Angel" in my favorites. It's a simple, yet awesome flash.

This fragment is too small, though. Please finish before you submit. If you need ideas or suggestions, watch more stuff on Newgrounds. You'll eventually get new ideas of your own, not copying someone else's ideas or work like some people here do.

it was alright :3

Luckily I read your comment before reviewing! lol I was debating on a 6-8 score to give, so I went to 7. Reason being is because the music quality wasn't entirely the best in the world, granted, it's difficult at times to actually make the music sound good unless you buy some expensive stuff or something, so I won't hold that against you. The animation was pretty nice and cute :3 The animated part I liked the most was the Shield Of Light thingy lol That and the eyes :3 You can actually draw hands fairly well, so I applaud you on that as well! I like the hair as well! You did a fairly good job overall, not the best thing in the world, but I am sure you're aware of that! What I do see is potential though. The effects were a nice touch, and the colors really stood out, once I figure out this site a little more, I'll figure out eventually how to keep an eye on your profile or something so I can see further videos! I'd love to see what else you come up with! I know you'll do fantastic with anything in the future. What I see in your animation is the potential to a good series if you're up for that. just find some good voice actors, maybe brush up a bit, keep on practicing! And I know you could do even better in the future :3

cool intro

Its not awful, I like you're humur, the "not sure what to put here" was pretty funny. i don't think it sould loop, mabe have a play/replay button. you might get better character definition if their hair color was different from the colors of their clothes, a little more contrast might make the characters "pop" slightly.


You need tips on the designing? I can't give tips, per say, but I can give feedback. Yes, it is an amateur design, that makes sense, and the effects that you've got here aren't too bad, you know, practice makes perfect and all of that. If anything, the art in a whole just needs some fine tuning. Now, I'm guessing that offline you can draw much better than on the computer right? Well, I've heard of programs out there, and flash might actually be able to do this, where all you do is draw the frames you're gonna use and then scan them, thus, you have the character design an what not, and you can simply edit them on the computer. Look into that, practice with it, or just keep trying with the computer and drawing on that. If you stick with the latter, then you might want to invest in one of those tablets, because always seem to be the best tool for drawing on the computer, only if you're serious about this.

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1.50 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2011
3:25 PM EDT