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Say NO to Facebook Button

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Author Comments

This is an Angry Flash on the new ugly Facebook Buttons, which decreases Newgrounds' unique reputation, made in a few hours >:(

LIKE THIS, if you want those Removed at once!!

Main Theme: Super Meat Boy OST - Betus Blues (I though you'd recall it, as it's one of the best game ever made + it has one of the best soundtracks also ever made)

PS: I'll delete this Flash once those buttons are perished!

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Support >:(

You should not remove it

I'll tell you why. When you like it, if you're logged into Facebook, when you go on your news feed or if your friends go on the news feed, it shoiws it, making them go on it sometimes, increasing traffic on Newgrounds and also, if you go on your profile, at a certain bit of your profile, you will see the likes section so even other people can see your likes. To be honest, removing it will decrease the traffic so its best to keep it on. Nice music and fight though. P.S. I don't think its really ugly to be honest


That is entirely the wrong attitude to have.

I just had a huge argument with a friend of mine about the rumors of the layout change that's coming to Newgrounds. It sounded like the Flash portal was gonna have some kind of scouting system like the art portal and I thought that was a terrible idea but he just said whatever the staff decides is fine with him. I mean it's just a rumor of course so hopefully it won't happen but it infuriated me so much that he was just gonna go with whatever they say and not think for himself about what's best.

And you're doing exactly the same thing. A good website administrator tries to appeal to his user base. How is Tom supposed to know what his user base wants if they just blindly follow his every whim?

The like button doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Tom's "vision." It could easily just be a way of moving with the times and integrating the site with the rest of the web. He may even agree that it looks ugly. So don't go automatically assuming that whatever he does is the right decision and we should all just stay out of it.

Just get over it guys.

Move on and all. Perhaps ya'll will adapt. Give it some time.

I mean, I'm sure Tom felt it might be a wise decision to put up the "like" feature.
He's the one running the site, so he needs to guide it according to his vision. Look how far that's got him.

Anyway, if you don't digg the like button, then don't look at it or touch it. It's really that simple.


Prid-Outing responds:

It's true what you're saying, but perhaps a proper and matching design for the LIKE button, plus a less attractive position, would be much better?