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Genius Cop II

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Sometimes the buttons tend to be a little buggy, so if any buttons disappear or stop working, just refresh the page and try again

Watch the Original Genius Cop:

I don't even know why I made another one, but I just really wanted to tell something my dad said through animation, and Genius Cop seemed like the perfect way to tell that story. This originally started as another fairly quick project, and I decided to try and get some well-known Newgrounds artists to voice the characters. I finally got RicePirate to agree, and I discovered that he's an even more amazing voice actor that I knew! If you need a voice, check out that guy's account =). Anyway, this animation ended up being almost a whole minute longer than the first animation, and because it ended up stretching into my summer time, I tried to up the animation quality just a bit over that of the first Genius Cop. I actually think the sequel is better than the original in this case, but I guess that's for you viewers to decide! I hope you enjoy it =).

By the way, there's an easter egg hidden on the main menu!
Runtime (w/o credits): 3:27
Extras Runtime: 6:29

Also, there are Genius Cop t-shirts available on cafepress!

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OK I guess...

This one was more crappily animated and the lip syncing was bad. Try better next time!

Constructive critisism!

Aqlex responds:

More crappily animated? Do you have some examples? And are you sure the bad lip synching wasn't just because of lag on your computer's part? Because I pretty much did it exactly the same as I've been doing it for a while now. But it is possible that I somehow did a worse job in here. I would love if you could send me examples of what you're talking about so I could improve on it!


cant say bad, cause i can't make flashes :P
but Thumbs up^^

Aqlex responds:

So if you could make flashes, you'd say it was bad? But then, you gave me a 9, so you must have liked to to some degree xD. Thanks for the review, dude!

The jokes could have been better.

The jokes could have been better. You could also have skipped doing a credits scene for a 3(?) minute short. It seems kind of pointless. Same goes for introductions. Rahter you'd have a fulfilling menu screen, replay menu.

Also, work a bit more on the art, and the tilt tweens are kind of annoying. I know, it gives the animation a kind of nice feel and touch, but it also looks a bit cheap when it happens frequently.

Other wise, good job.

Aqlex responds:

Yeah, I think the jokes are what dropped this animation's score down so low. They weren't the best, I just didn't realize they were THAT bad. I guess I could have skipped a credits scene, I just enjoy featuring a different audio portal song for the credits of every animation I make xD. The introduction was supposed to be its own little joke though, so I don't regret putting that in.
I admit, I'm not a very good artist, but with each animation I improve a bit, so the art is slowly but surely getting better. And the tilt tweens, I promise I won't use them as much. I did like the effect it had, though.
Anyway, thanks for the review! I'm glad you didn't base your score entirely on the quality of the jokes =)

Mostly Good

I dunno... it's better than what the score is... I guess haters just gon' hate.
Well yeah the jokes are pretty good, just not epic. I suppose people don't understand good humor when they see it.

Aqlex responds:

I think the low score is really all about the jokes. They weren't the best, but I do wish people had paid a little more attention to my improvements in animation and voice acting as well. Thanks for the review, dude!

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2011
12:57 PM EDT