Da Bitches

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Interesting approach to society

and sadly... its all true...

idiotic slang, random drive by shootings, woman being called female dogs (or maybe he was really with dogs)... all true...

MetaphorcE responds:

profound man. like whoa.

it was ok

i didnt really understand what the hell was going on though and the whole movie was kinda pointless but it was a good attempt i suppose

MetaphorcE responds:

how come everyone seems to miss the point about how this is supposed to pointless?


Or whatever those guys are saying. I didnt like the animation or the "voices" and the font was a bit hard to read but better than most. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending though. Nothing left....

MetaphorcE responds:

uhm... thanx?

Say Sucka

What chu know bout tha hood?!? Ive been shot like 80 times and ive killed like 50 people with my bare hands b/c ima gansta and i've been to jail like 20 times for muderin pigs and fake ass wankstas, I be shankin fools all da time punk....

Yeah, Hey, Im just jokin, i live in urban suburbia and i dont even talk like that, i just had to get that outta my system....That was a strange movie & didnt really make a whole lotta sense, good job,dude!!!

MetaphorcE responds:

thank christ someone gets it...

...I mean:

hEY j00

I thought da bitch would be that green peice of shit Strawberry clock created. Make a movie about meh Plz!!

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3.48 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2002
2:26 AM EDT
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