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LSD wonderland? a song

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yeah, this is my first flash submission, its for OC Friday on www.forkheads.net i soloed it completely after midnight, so yeah, ill put the original lyrics that i put down on a wordpad, that inspired me to make this, also, the music in the background is from the forkheads music player, its called two ways-cream of the crop, also, seizure warning.. thank you for watching, please keep it from getting deleted, i am not asking for you to rate 5, i just want it to stay in existence, thank you

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Could write down all the songs you used in that flash?
Also, what Albert Johnson says were it gets "broken"?

O god......

Seizure... I better not watch this while on drugs. I enjoyed the music at least. I've seen your art, you just need to take your time when making a flash (unless you're on a deadline, I got no advice on that). In regards to the lyrics, Write em' down (oh wait you already did that)! even if they make no sense, they can be enjoyed if sung with passion.

AnimeFuckHead responds:

Unfortunately, i have a terrible singing voice.....not to mention it was like... 4 am

but thanks, and, yeah, it was a deadline, lol, 20 minutes.. i was late cus i forgot o.o

oh, and I fucking love seizures.... maybe it will sound better on drugs, im gonna have to see


at least your author picture is pretty cool

AnimeFuckHead responds:

thank you, remember, first flash and midnight, i would love some constructive criticism as im just starting out


This is garbage

a 1 second video loop with terrible lyrics

completely unworthy of the title "LSD wonderland"

You've obviously never done acid

AnimeFuckHead responds:

sorry, i thought o the lyrics on the go and decided to not change them at all, also i have done acid, i was just coming up with random lyrics and decided to choose the last word o the random lyrics as a title, however, i you would like to suggest a better title please do, however, thank you for reviewing, gotta <3 the haters