Possibly the best flash

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After 4 years of blood and sweat, i'm proud to say my masterpiece is finally ready for the public. I'd like to thank the group of small asian children that helped me out in return for used clothing and the scraps from my dinner.

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"Possibly the best flash" is an understatement,

This flash has everything a guy could ever want! A complex and unique storyline coupled with beautiful artwork and a cast of likable and memorable characters just kept me glued to my screen, and the way everything came together in the last 45 minutes was just awe-inspiring.

I don't just take my hat off to you sir; I will attach it to a rocket and send it hurtling into the sun as a display of my gratitude towards this masterpiece. Well done.


I SEE it i think you have a different meaning for your flash than it being jsut awesome... i like your comments.. the flash was meant to be funny by what we ourselves make of it :3 good job making newground's users think this made me think for 4-5 mins about meaning and stuff and it was funny i even sat here and added my own sound effects to the video itself. :D people just don't get the genius of having people not understand the complexity of ourselves blah blah blah i got carried awayy thoose last few sentences anyways good job dude :3

JaY11 responds:

Thank you

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1.47 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2011
10:50 AM EDT