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RHG-Renzu Demonstration 1

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Pls post comments and tell me what i could do to improve :D and remember this is my first animation SO DONT HATE!

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Since you say it's your first, I'll say it's not sucky. But, it's really not that good either. To improve, you should make it more longer, I mean this was only like 10 seconds.

Too SHort

This is what I called a 10-second summision

lost for words

DISCLAIMER: I am not hating.

What was this?! Far, far, FAR too short. I don't really understand what happened - Mr. Blue Guy here has this thing against Mr. Black Guy... and that's all I got. There is little fluidity in the movement and looks a bit like cardboard shuffling across the screen.

I would agree with guitan11 and say look at your own body. However, I don't suggest you do what you want your character to do: in this case, that will get you arrested. I recommend looking at other stickmen work here on Newgrounds. Check out Terkoiz1, and watch how he animates the joints of the arms and legs.

viel Gl├╝ck!

darkdar4 responds:

well this is my first animation so im still working on it im continuing to practice. And ive been looking at terkoiz youtube vids about how to animate and stuff. Terkoiz is my favorite animator

what to improve?

first: make something longer. second: USE YOUR OWN BODY! this is something i do, look at yourself doing what you want your character to do. notice your legs, arms, hips, head. notice the position they are and try to imitate it with your drawings.
now go and make something that's twice has good.

darkdar4 responds:

Thx for the comment very helpful