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[SS] *Eternal Recurrence*

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A long, hard reflection on Nihilism.

Skies above are closed to me, Forgetting names when shaking hands. Friends and lovers I've left behind. I'm as apathetic as the wind.


its a nise flash but why is it rated A

That barely even looks like a pineapple.

However, this flash gets my approval for two reasons: this music and the fact that the Socom Squad is one of the few ripoff-style spam crews I like. Could you tell me what song that is? Also, I could've sworn I'd registered on the SocomSquids forums as "BlueberrySocom" like a month before it shut down.

PineappleSocom responds:

Many of the most notable art-historical trends have relied heavily on stylized representations that rely on the viewers' neurological capacity for discerning seemingly unrecognizable objects.

fuck yeha nig

this is beauty,,

Cant this be?

Two socom movies in one day!?