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Made in a period of two days, and based on an idea I've had for much longer.
The metaphor has no definitive answer, take from it what you will.
There are no credits because i created everything.


Heh >_>

Very short, but even still, the artwork was a little more on the abstract side (which i love) and the message was old yet still meaningful. I feel like maybe some people try a little too hard to get a point across, but sometimes its best if you just spell it out.

killaZ99 responds:

Thank you?

Put a smile on my face

I like the art style, I just wish the art was done a little better. When he jumped the wall he appeared to have vanished from reality for a bit. Otherwise it was great, Hope to see more!

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killaZ99 responds:

Thank you very much kind sir, and yes i should have worked harder, but it was very spur of the moment.


it may be something "silly" cause its short but its actually pretty good, loved the inner message

killaZ99 responds:

Inner? How is it inner? oh well, glad you liked it.


Its a simile....well i really cant back that up. I commend you, keep up the good work.

smells on thursdays

OK, I think the metaphor is . . . . . .

life is a joke and it just sucks on both sides, your low on one side then you climb up that wall for hope, you have it all, just to tumble back to the bottom. I listened to Beethoven's symphont no.9 while writing this, not that it's important or anything.

killaZ99 responds:

Well, the metaphor is for you to pick, for me it was aging. I would see me older brother and my parents and think it was going to get better. But as I said, the metaphor is yours, not mine.

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Jun 28, 2011
11:53 PM EDT