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NOTE: Clearly, these drinks are fictional and randomized. It's a game of logic.

Hey, kid. It's been a weird night tonight. Yeah, go ahead and check in. What? Yeah, that was the Cheers theme song you heard walking in. It was funny.

We're all stocked up behind the bar. Specials are on the board. But yeah, it's really weird. We've been getting a lot of people coming in asking for the weirdest drinks. I think they're making them up. Funny thing is, every drink is made up of four liquors, out of wine, vodka, Schaden, gin, whiskey or beer. And they're real particular about the order you pour in. Yeah, I wouldn't drink that crap myself, but if they want to be that picky, I'll take their money. They're damn good tippers.

Look, I know that's a lot to ingest. Don't worry, I'll be right behind you with help and such. I've got a system set up to help you figure out what they want. Green shot glasses means you've got the right liquor in the right place, and red shot glasses means you've got a liquor in the cocktail that's not in the right place. It won't tell you which liquor's right or wrong, but that's your job, not mine.

I think you'll be OK. Just, keep your nose down and take your time. You do good enough, and I'll let you take home all the leftover chicken wings.

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Daaamn, I dig the concept but I am just retarded. I couldn't score a single point, couldn't even get 4 of the right drinks in the wrong order, never even came close to scoring a point.