Stainville Episode 1

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Warning: Tasteless humor ahead!!!

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Despite various technical difficulties and other setbacks, I give to you my first full-length animation. This wouldn't've been possible without the help and support of close friends. I give credit to them for keeping me interested in making this as well as being a part of the overall result. Enjoy.

P.S. Kind of a Leo and Satan fan... can you find the easter egg?

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I recently referenced this submission to a young animator just starting out. Why? To show what one man can accomplish, given time, tenacity, and the skill of being objective about your work.

This is the author's first episode of his Magnum Opus, a showcase for presenting the best story he can, and... he did, and Alpha-Nuva's only gotten better over time. All elements of production are cranked to 11 in sophistication and style, something young animators are afraid to do.

To the artist: thanks for going balls out on this one, it's a pleasure to see outrageous done so well

Alpha-Nuva responds:

I've been talking with some friends in the past few days about the direction and future of my work, Stainville being a main topic of focus.. I'm at a crossroads whether I'm deciding to stick with the series any longer. Stainville is something that a lot of people close to me feel that, while it was initially fun to make and watch and still holds a place in my heart, is becoming a very played-out idea, evidenced by the lackluster performance of Episode 4. Whatever the outcome, it's nice to know that people still enjoy watching it and it could potentially serve as inspiration for others' work. Thank you for your words.

Where Did you get those characters From? they're so Original ! TAGS- School|Student|Vomit|Stainville, Describes it All.

that is halarious

that was so funny XD

That shit is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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Jun 28, 2011
8:33 PM EDT