Aura Test(Done in 5 mins)

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hi guys this time im just testing the aura

song : Bleach number one


turd of the week...

well, this "tittle" is based by the submission "score", certainly worst things have been submitted, i'm an old fan of Dragon Ball, and this don't have much sense to me, i don't watch "Bleach" so i don't find the song meaningful to Dragon Ball or emotive in any way, a good test, yeah, certainly you have something here, but a little more to show off wouldn't hurt, also, including "(Done in 5 min)" don't speak very good of your work, cause you neither took the time for your movie, and you are excusing any flaws due to the lack of attention, i have nothing against test or people uploading them here, but you need something better, keep it up.

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LSWBeast responds:


I don't get it..

This flash doesn't make sense to me..
Not much happens..

LSWBeast responds:

yeah i know im working on a new project its going to be out soon and its not a test


turd of the week was a bit harsh, but atleast you got some recognition! even if its is a turd.

Does tom fulp actually post you a turd? let me know if so ill happily take it off your hands

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LSWBeast responds:

i'm not really sure

Really good

It's actually really good, but i had earphones on and when he exploded it almost broke my eardrum. I don't even think im hearing the rest... unless it stopped?

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LSWBeast responds:

yeah sorry but thatt

great test!

i luv it actually... and please...don't really listen to Ericho... he didn't made an animation....

the only downs is that the changing sound effect is actually pretty loud ( i don't know how to fix it myself so...)

LSWBeast responds:

thanks and sorry for blowing ur ear :(

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Jun 27, 2011
10:56 PM EDT
  • Turd of the Week June 28, 2011