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Deliverance Ep. 4

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Author Comments

Our heroes are about to be dispatched to a mission that will most likely kill them all.
Their only hope? Run away from the Russian headquarters and never talk about it again.

The fourth and longest episode of my original serie "Deliverance" so far.
Enjoy and please let me know your thought =]

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Excellent Faces

Alister's face when he saw the tree was priceless. I loved Shin-chan as a kid.

Jackoo's face when Dano broke the wind-up key off of the cat's back had me on the floor, and I nearly died of laughter. No joke. I nearly asphyxiated.

I loved your use of the Troll face on Aisan when Jackoo asked where she got the grappling hook, truly perfect. I honestly think Aisan would be the perfect internet troll.

Somehow I saw the (Minecraft) Creeper bit coming when I saw that there was an area behind Dano. I was kinda hoping to see the actual explosion though, which would've been funny, knowing your methods.

I nearly asphyxiated once more when I saw Alister reach the same point on the wall as Dano, and loved how that was the only point where the two worlds actually collided.

Overall, my head hurts from all the laughter, randomness, and from staring at my computer screen for a few hours on end. Marvelous work, and I hope to see Episode 6 soon.

PParreira responds:

thank you for the review.
oh and that guy with the beard, his name is Artisan, not Alister, but its cool, his name is only revealed in episode 2 =]

3 words

Best. Movies. Ever

I love you...

It's like you know me or something...all of your videos literally math up PERFECTLY to my sense humor..
I don't ever write reviews...but obviously I had to let you know that
As far as the review part goes, I love the humor, but I can't give you a 10 on the grounds that the sound could be better, and, of course, the animation isn't perfect, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of these videos.
Maybe, in the future, once you perfect your skills, you can remake these to perfection rather than near perfect. :)


Can I believe that I missed this-
Still an improvement over the last, I think its also nice we have what we can call villains now- The jokes are as great as always, Aisan is as unpredictable as always.
Still slightly bothered with the art, but with such great humor who cares? More time could have been taken on it though, but not too much that it'll take away from the comedic simplicity...
Regardless, can't wait for the next. Kudos~~~ (I like tildes)

PParreira responds:

thanks man =)
so the white skin bothers ya huh?
(not insinuating anything lol)