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Blood, Brains and Bullets

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Those Zombies Are Going To Get You!
That is unless you can survive 15 days before the rescue team saves you.

- 8 Weapon Types to Buy.
- 4 Defensive construction to help you.
- Hundreds of Brain Eating Zombies to slaughter!

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There are no clear instant button controls, there is no music of any good caliber and in all it's just awful. How is this even third in the best 50 flash?!

i have played lots of bad games this is one of them but its not that bad.
Things rong with this game: lack of wepon sounds, no other backgournds, no recoil, not that meny levels and i dont see my defense buildings, and the first gun needs to have unlimited ammo yet still being the worst gun in the game.
things that i like about the game: (note these are things that i have not seen in other bad games) i can see were i shoot, its possible to beat it, theres more then one gun, theres more then one type of enamy, and the most impotant THERE ARE NO GLITCHES.
For your first game on new grounds its not that bad. good job. :)

it'll be nice if it had a continue button bu t its still a cool game

Why will it not let you change weapons, none of the numbers are switching for me?

yanco responds:

You have to have the weapon purchased first.. If you do and it's not working then you probably have older version of Flash Player. Try to upgrade it http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Needs a bit of work but not too bad.

The zombies need to look a bit more like zombies and the skeletons are a bit corny. I played through all 15 levels though and rather enjoyed it. The Minigun makes it a bit too easy though (especially if you get it early on). The money levels need to be adjusted though since I was able to buy the more powerful weapons early on. By the end I was maxed out on all the upgrades and had purchased all weapons just for kicks. Other than that though it was enjoyable.

yanco responds:

Thank you for your input DeadKraz, I really appreciate it.
My testers told me the game was too hard, they obviously were no match for you! ;)
I will try to fiddle with the weapons strength/money a bit as you recomended.
As for the zombies graphics, I know they kinda suck..
Thanks again.