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The Consumer

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My first submission to newgrounds, made in a small period of time but glitch free. 0/10 for art!

Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Space bar repels any objects heading towards you, but must be recharged.

Instead of insta-kill, eating something larger than yourself will only reduce your size, but my a bigger % based on how much bigger than you the object is.

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Peanuts! Omnomnom.

Well, I must congratulate you, it *is* glitch free! :D I love your concept of the different "noms" (yes I will call them that) based on the characters you choose. I'm quite sure you're aware that you need some audio for this one too, yes? And I must thank you for nerfing the insta-kill other consumer games usually implement. ;)

I hope to see a v2.0 with lots of big improvements soon! Keep it up!

Wow, actually quite good.

I really liked this, i love these type of consumption games when they are done right. My favorite thing about this one was that the whole art style is based on the character you choose. The only game play change I would recommend is having, the repel bar fully charged at the beginning of the game, and only needing to recharge once you use it. The game could also use some better animation and some audio, but I'm sure you already knew that.


ok graphics are crap, but this is the best ... whats this type of game called anyway... but yeah i've played alot of these and i usualy hate them! you usualy get hit once and your dead , buh bye, gone, but you get a few chance which i really dig.

i really liked it!

the idea of the game is interesting, and when i started playing it i was like "wow, this looks awful, but the gameplay is very cool"

it could be better if you keep working on a 2.0 version, buddy!