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Roaller Coaster Junkie

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Author Comments

This is my first animation, maybe isnt great. Im trying to make bests videos....

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You stole the music and made crappy graphics.


You sir are a fraud. This Video is obviously a very cheap imitation of Roller Coaster Junkie found here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /480492 or here: http://www.tarboy.com/films/

I guess due to it being your own animation, Newgrounds doesn't see it as stolen, but in my eyes you stole the idea and the Song, and that's most important about this piece.

Not too bad

Considering this is your first animation you've not done too bad a job, the animation isn't very...animated at the moment, but it's better than a lot of the first time crap that gets uploaded :P


Not bad, but there are some obvious flaws in this. P.S. (Not yelling, it's just there isn't a italics option.)
1. EVERYTHING COULD BE DRAWN BETTER. The roller coaster tracks aren't straight. The only background is clouds, space, and night. What about a carnival background?
2. THE ROLLER COASTER TRACKS STUTTER. You can tell that the tracks are about two frames long.
General Review:
Graphics 2
Song/ Audio 7

Try better on the graphics. The person is understandable, but not an exception. If it doesn't work out for you, try making a Sprite of a girl. The background could be more straight, too. But the song was good!

Not bad for your first animation!

You chose a catchy song for the video, and the artwork wasn't bad at all for your first vid, keep working at it!